ABOUT US Nothing Workers have today was handed to them on a plate. It was won by Unions and Members sticking together!


Established in 1883, the Ballarat Regional Trades and Labour Council Incorporated meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except January) at 6pm at the Council Chambers at Trades Hall Camp Street. It has met every month in Camp Street Chambers since 1888.

The Council is comprised of delegates from our 28 affiliated unions and representatives from other Regional Trades and Labour Councils.

At our AGM every second year in July Officers and the Executive are elected by Council Members.


President: Patrick O’Leary (NTEU)

Vice President: Ron Woods (ASU)

Secretary/Treasurer: Brett Edgington (CPSU - MEAA)

Assistant Secretary: Colin Muir (AMWU)

Immediate Past President: Bob Bassett (RTBU)

Ian Fullerton (CFMEU Manufacturing)

Thais Duke (ASU)

Doug Stewart (CFMEU Construction)

Alice Christie (IEU)

Debbie Lord (NTEU)

President Patrick O’Leary Secretary Brett Edgington


The Ballarat Trades Hall is administered by a Board of Trustees which meet regularly. The Trustees maintain the Trades Hall building and manage the use of all rooms and venues in Trades Hall.

Ballarat Trades Hall Council remains the second oldest Trades Hall Council in the world still performing its origional role and intention after Victorian Trades Hall, Melbourne.

The Ballarat Trades Hall building has had many additions and changes since its construction in 1887-88. While much has been done in recent years to restore and renovate the building, much work remains: getting the Hall back to performance standard, refurbishing rooms, looking at disability access and the provission of a lift, providing adequate public toilets and establishing a food and drink preperation area. The external fabric of the building and facade also needs repair.

A completely restored Trades Hall will be a working asset, not only for Unions, but also for the wider community. More than $8 million must be raised in order to complete renovations.

Your contributions will help to bring this goal to fruition for present and future generations.

The Trades Hall building is included on the

Victorian Heritage Register number H0657

To donate to the Ballarat Trades Hall Building Improvement and Preservation fund follow this link:

Building FUND

Our Board of Trustees are:

Christina Best (CPSU)

Ron Woods (ASU)

Colin Muir (AMWU)

Bob Bassett (RTBU)

Brett Edgington (CPSU-MEAA)

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