The Trades Hall Historic Archives contain records dating back to 1856 from the early 8 Hour Committees through to today. Academics and Researchers regularly access our records for projects and histories. We have recently installed a compactus unit into the ‘Research Room and Archive’ and this year we will be looking for volunteers to assist in the collation, preservation, interpretation and archiving of our historic material. If you are interested in volunteering your time please contact the Secretary.

A catalogue of our collection can be found at Victorian Collections HERE


Material can be viewed onsite and photographed, however no material is permitted to leave the Archive room. Some very rare material is of a delicate and fragile nature and all due precaution will be taken while viewing, including wearing gloves and using viewing cradles for delicate books.


Our former BTLC Secretary Paul Clempson and his wife Liz were instrumental in establishing a very well resourced Library at the Ballarat Trades Hall. The collection includes books on Union and Labor history, Industrial Relations, Ballarat History and Eureka related material.