The Ballarat Trades Hall building is the home of the Trade Union movement in Ballarat and the centrepiece of the historic Camp Street precinct.

It is a building with a rich history, built for and still owned by Ballarat Unionists. Ballarat can be justifiably proud of its Trades Hall which was built in 1887-88 by Trade Union members. It still remains the hub of Trade Union activities in the Ballarat region today.

It is important that Union member understand that this is their building. It is equally important to recognise that our generation have a responsibility to preserve the building in good condition.

The cost of restoration works undertaken since the mid 1980s at the Ballarat Trades Hall have been a constant drain on finances. Tens of thousands of dollars have been spent bringing the building up to its present state. Not to mention over $40,000 spent in 2014 to bring the building up to fire compliance so Ballarat Unions could continue to use the building. Over $2.5 million is still required to get the building to a point where it can be used for public performance and to ensure disability access.

To ensure that this vital work can occur the Labour Council has established the Ballarat Trades Hall Building Maintenance and Preservation Fund. Money contributed to this fund is used for the specific purpose of maintaining the building in good repair. The fund is administered by the Executive of the Labour Council in conjunction with the Trades Hall Solicitors Saines & Lucas, income and expenditure details are available upon request to individuals or workplaces who contribute.

Donations of over $500 are recognised for posterity on an honour board in the front entrance of the Trades Hall Building.

By doing this you will be assisting us to preserve this magnificent building for future generations of trade unionists and the Ballarat community.

To contribute contact the Secretary on:

P: (03) 5332 3666

M: 24 Camp Street Ballarat, VIC 3350