The Second Floor Council Chamber is where the BRTLC meet every month on the second Tuesday and have been doing so since 1888. It is a quiet, intimate and historic space with a raised dais at the front for the Executive to chair meetings from. The windows allow a magnificent view of Ballarat onto Camp Street and down to Sturt Street, right across the heart of the city and it’s other historic buildings.

SEATING: 34 + 4 seats on the dais currently in the room, there is opportunity for more seating but see access issues below.

ACCESS: Two stories of steps to access the Chamber, unfortunately there is no disabled access at this point (BTLC is raising funds for renovations and a lift)

TOILETS: Down one story of steps to the First Floor

SERVICES: Heating, 240v AC power provision, no phone or Ethernet (wireless Internet on request) (Data projector, screen, PA, whiteboard etc… on request)